Video of Astros fans throwing woman’s hat up a building after she dropped it going viral

HOUSTON, Tex. – The Houston Astros are celebrating after winning their first World Series earlier this week!

Fans gathered in downtown Houston at a parade Saturday to celebrate the big win.

During the parade, a woman who was on an upper floor of a parking garage dropped her hat.

And the video of how she gets it back is going viral.

Fans on lower levels of the parking garage began to throw her hat back up the building!

Each time the hat made it up a level, fans cheered.

“Everyone was extremely happy,” Josh Pherigo told BuzzFeed News. “People were throwing confetti, little kids up on shoulders, high fives all around. This city has been through tough times lately, and you got the sense that people were glad to have a thing to collectively celebrate.”

Thanks to fans rallying together and a little determination, the woman was able to get her hat back.

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