Viral photo: Mouse hitches ride on deputy’s windshield

A California sheriff’s deputy on his way to work at the Golden State Warrior’s game came face-to-face with an unusual suspect.

In a now-viral post on the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, a tiny mouse is seen pressing his hands on the deputy’s windshield.


“Deputy Dennington was headed to his work assignment at the Golden State Warriors game. Further investigation revealed the suspect was likely a San Antonio Spurs fan trying to intimidate us. Deputy Dennington was able to use de-escalation techniques and get the rabid fan off his car,” the post reads, in part.

The suspect, described as being 4 inches tall with a grey and white furry coat, was last seen scurrying off to a hiding spot.

“Thankfully, the Warriors won and Deputy Dennington got to the game on time,” the post reads.

As of Tuesday morning, the funny picture had been shared nearly 3,500 times.

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