Viral video of father taking baby son to get shots will give you the feels

WARRENTON, GA – WARRENTON, GA – Most of you parents have been there; taking your new baby to get their shots.

It’s horrible isn’t it? Because you can’t even explain to them what is causing them that pain.

That is exactly what 2-month-old Debias King Lee had to endure on Thursday when his father, Antwon Lee, and his mother, Shameka Harris, took him to get his vaccination shots before attending daycare.

Harris decided to record the hilarious and adorable moments that were happening in front of her.

Debias’ father, Antwon, did not even know he was being filmed by his girlfriend; pure and honest emotion exuded from the first-time father.

The night before Debias had to get his shots, Lee said he “was thinking all night” about the looming events that were about to take place.

“You’re going to be good, I know you’re going to cry but it’s okay to cry, you’re going to be okay,” he said he told them.

In the video, you see and hear the new father giving his tiny son a wonderful pep talk.

It’s painfully and wonderfully funny, but also beautiful at the same time.

On top of that roller coaster of emotion, Lee was hit with another blow to his heart that same day; his father passed away.

“After my daddy died, I talked to my son about how I’m going to have to go…I want him to succeed, that’s all I want,” he told 11Alive.

A friend of Lee’s suggested he upload the video to Facebook and make it public. Once he did that, the video exploded.

With over 12 million views, Lee hopes that this viral video will deliver a touching message,

“I never knew I could have something so beautiful. He’s so peaceful. The only time he cries is when he’s hungry. I just want my story to go out to the world and touch other father’s hearts. I don’t care if it goes to Saturn, I’m just proud.”

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