Walmart store says viral video of food being thrown out doesn’t show whole story

A video being shared around social media purportedly shows Walmart throwing out several shopping carts full of food, but the company says the backlash surrounding the video isn’t getting both sides of the story.

Watch the viral video here (Warning: The video contains expletives)


The video originated from the Walmart store in Celina, Ohio where a tornado struck on November 5, according to a Facebook post by the company. Because of the storm, said the company, the power temporarily went out for 14 hours causing the food to be “unsafe for consumption.”

As a precaution, all the food was disposed of to adhere to “internal and health department policies.”

Read the full statement:

“We have fielded a number of calls regarding a video circulating on Facebook showing our associates throwing out food, and we wanted our customers and community to understand the situation. Unfortunately, due to a tornado that affected our store in Celina, Ohio on November 5, the food being disposed of was unsafe for consumption after the store lost power for 14 hours. Per internal and health department policies, we followed proper procedures by disposing of the food.”

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