WATCH: Shaquille O’Neal gives hilarious monologue filling in on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Former LSU and NBA star Shaquille O’Neal filled in on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night, and was surprisingly hilarious.

Shaq has excelled at times as an NBA analyst on the show “Inside the NBA,” but hosting a late night show seems like it would be a different story.

His opening monologue was nearly perfect and included zingers like this one:

“Hosting a late night show is a new thing for me,” Shaq said. “It’s like Michael Jordan playing baseball, except I’m going to be good at this.”

He was right! If you’re interested in the full clip, here you go:

[embedded content]

O’Neal’s A-list guest was actress Mila Kunis. The two seemed to have a connection and it made for more hilarious moments. Here’s that clip:

[embedded content]

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