WATCH: ‘Shark’ Charges Toward Man And Cracks Fake Aquarium Glass In Viral Video

A man in Washington D.C.  likely learned a valuable lesson this week after ignoring a warning sign on a “shark tank” exhibit and knocking on “aquarium” glass. An exhibit at the International Spy Museum featured realistic video of a shark lunging at the aquarium glass whenever an onlooker taps on it, and Gregory Heinzman’s reaction to the shock quickly went viral.

Heinzman’s friend Casey Peck had her phone handy and recorded his reaction. In her caption, Peck wrote: “The guy in the video gets scared easily by anything!”

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After the shark “attacked,” Heinzman can be seen visibly shaken as he jumps back and drops to the ground. The exhibit has apparently fooled many who attended the aquarium, although Heinzman’s reaction got the most attention. 

His reaction to the surprise amassed 7.2 million views on by Thursday. The video was shared over 300,00 times and garnered over 35,000 reactions on Facebook by Thursday.

The International Spy Museum opened in D.C. in 2002, according to its website, and features the biggest collection of international espionage artifacts ever displayed for public view. The exhibit that Peck and Heinzman were visiting is dedicated to espionage and the fictional world of movie spy James Bond and villain Karl Stromberg.

“What would Stromberg’s world be like? Find out as you experience the residents in our virtual shark tank but be careful — you never know when one might attack!” an explainer on the exhibit states. “As you escape one set of jaws, meet another: the steel teeth worn by Richard Kiel as the super-sized killer Jaws in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me.'”

A man was surprised when a shark rushed toward him during an aquarium trip. A shark is pictured on Apr, 2, 2005, in Istanbul. Photo: Getty Images

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