Watch the Hilarious Moment Fifth Harmony’s Singer Falls Over on Stage and Tries to Pretend It’s a Dance Move

One of the most embarrassing things for any performer is to fall on stage while performing in front of an audience, but Fifth Harmony’s singer was able to stylishly improvise when she fell while performing with her group in Brazil.


Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kodei took a tumble as she performed on stage in Brazil

Fifth Harmony singer, Normani Kodei took a tumble as she performed on stage in Brazil, but managed to style it out by hilariously pretending it was part of her routine, The Sun UK report.

The unfortunate fall and its subsequent recovery have gone down a storm with fans who have praised the singer, 21, for being professional.

As she walked across the stage in heeled boots she lost her footing. However, in the blink of an eye she’d extended her leg and whipped her hair back while flashing a smile at the crowd as the music continued to play.

With the video of the incident shared on Twitter, fans left comments in their droves.

They read: “This girl isn’t human, that fall was effortless. Damn she looked amazing while falling im not even kidding.”


“I’m sorry but that was absolutely stellar.”

“Normani can literally save anything, she played it off and made it look like it was supposed to happen. Legend.”



Just days ago MTV reported how Little Mix, when asked by a fan if they’d ever collaborate with Fifth Harmony, said: “Yes! I think that’d be sick.”

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