Watch This Hilarious Samsung Ad Making Fun Of 10 Years Of Apple iPhone & The iPhone X’s Notch

Apple’s flagship smartphone for this year, the iPhone X became available for purchase over the weekend, including in India and around the world. The phone has generated a lot of buzz for being unlike any iPhone launched in the past four years.

The almighty notch of the iPhone X

Of course, arch nemesis Samsung wouldn’t let Apple cash in on the iPhone X. Which is why they released this epic Galaxy Note 8 praising / iPhone trolling ad which tries to put Apple’s iPhone innovations in perspective.

Even though Samsung supplied almost all the OLED screens used in the iPhone X, that hasn’t stopped them from making fun of the device’s “notch” in this hilarious new ad mocking not just the iPhone X but the entire decade of iPhone innovation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Apple iPhone X /

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 focused ad is titled ‘Growing up’ details the story of a man (iPhone fan?) who has been diligently using an iPhone ever since it first released back in 2007. He seems happy and content, until his girlfriend starts flaunting her Galaxy Note prowess.

There’s a lot of tension and one-upmanship in the couple’s relationship, and the boyfriend fixated on the iPhone looks almost longingly at her girlfriend’s Galaxy Note series phone, with each passing year, as it slowly but surely eclipses the iPhone’s feature list.

Also, we see a glimpse of an iPhone fan, waiting in the line to get his iPhone X, sporting a notch-like hairdo — seriously, if that bit doesn’t make you laugh, something’s very wrong with your sense of humour. 

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Obviously, this isn’t the first time Samsung has taken a swing at Apple’s iPhone. With their own innovations to tout, it’s no wonder Samsung’s getting bolder by the year. How will Apple respond, if at all? 

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