‘We are tired of this:’ Milwaukee Black Panthers protest at Mayfair Mall following viral arrest video

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Mayfair Mall arrest

WAUWATOSA — First a controversial arrest, now a protest at Mayfair Mall and the Wauwatosa police station. This, after a viral video shows an officer punching a teen in the head Friday, May 11.

The video taken Friday afternoon, shows a Wauwatosa officer punching a 17-year-old in the head. It goes on to show a struggle between the teen, officer and mall security.

Mayfair Mall arrest

“We are tired of this. We are angry and this has to end,” said King Rick with the Milwaukee Black Panthers.

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The Milwaukee Black Panthers gathered outside the Wauwatosa Police Department Saturday, May 12 demanding the officer and security guard involved, be fired.

“We are done being nice, we are done asking, we are demanding that our community receive better treatment,” said King Rick.

Milwaukee Black Panthers protest at Mayfair Mall

Police say a group of five boys were inside the mall acting disorderly. They say a separate video shows the officer attempting to speak with the boy and he refused.

From the police department, the demonstrators headed to Mayfair Mall and into the management office.

Milwaukee Black Panthers protest at Mayfair Mall

King Rick

“We are also calling for a boycott of Mayfair Mall from every African-American in the city and the county until things change,” King Rick said.

Security and managers told the group they are being heard.

“The matter is being looked into and addressed,” said Mayfair Mall Security Director, Travis Nance.

Demonstrators vow they will continue to protest until they get what they want.

Mayfair Mall

“No justice, no peace, no justice, no peace,” the demonstrators chanted.

The 17-year-old was arrested and cited for disorderly conduct, battery and resisting an officer. Wauwatosa police say the officer’s use of force is being reviewed.

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